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Why Choose Triple Nickel Fabricators?


With more than 50 years of combined-field experience, our team demands delivery of quality products that meet our client’s specifications. Through our experience we know the importance of delivering quality products in a timely manner. We will increase the demand for our services by ensuring a higher standard of quality than our competitors provide.

Triple Nickel Fabricators’ operations manager maintains a high level of safety and efficiency and our quality control manager is dedicated to ensuring we exceed our clients’ requirements. Meeting our clients’ deadlines in a safe manner with high quality products builds our reputation and improves client relations.


The company’s owner, Brandon Nichols, has more than 16 years in the oil and gas industry and 6 years in the piping industry. He has worked internationally for over 10 years. His experience in providing productive teams through difficult circumstances enables him to lead the company into a profitable position. He began work in the piping industry in 1995 and continued to work in the construction field until 2000 when he started his career in the oil and gas drilling with Transocean, then R&B Falcon. In 2016 the downturn in the oil industry resulted in the termination of the drilling rig he was working on. Brandon stayed on the rig to secure all the equipment and to stack the rig prior to being laid-off. He has since returned to the piping industry working for Specialty Welding Services / Turner Industries on plant turn arounds at Dow and Exxon in Baton Rouge. He joined Mohawk Field Services after completing the turnarounds on a new construction job in Texas. Most recently, Transocean rehired Brandon as a driller, a senior supervisor over drilling activities, for a long-term contract in Australia.


Triple Nickel Fabricators’ Quality Assurance Manager, Brett Nugent, has over 17 years in the industry and has served in several managerial positions throughout.  He recently worked as a Certified Welding Inspector employed by Mohawk Field Services. Brett began working in the piping industry in 1999. Starting in 2005 he has worked for Specialty Welding Services (SWS), a division of Turner Industries that utilizes tradesmen with top level skills to conduct work on their higher profile contracts, as a welder, pipe fitter, foreman, general foreman, and welding inspector. In 2012, Brett accepted a position as a welder at Union Tank. In 2016, he rejoined SWS for plant turn arounds in Baton Rouge.


The company’s shop manager, Derrick Lee, started working in the piping industry in 2002. He worked for Specialty Welding Services (SWS) as a pipe fitter, foreman, and general foreman from 2004 until 2013. In 2013, he accepted the role of project manager / engineering consultant for Saulsbury Incorporated for their CLECO MATS Environmental Project. When the project was over in 2015, he rejoined SWS for plant turnarounds in Baton Rouge. He recently led a piping team for Mohawk Field Services. 


Our mission is to develop a relationship with our customers and provide confidence by exhibiting knowledge, efficiency, and professionalism. We are dedicated to ensuring every aspect and detail of our clients’ needs are covered by skilled craftsmen that possess a high attention to detail.


Our goal is to provide safe and secure employment to the skilled workers in the Central Louisiana area that currently have to leave their families to utilize those skills and provide for their families. Triple Nickel Fabricators will be an added force to the growing economy of our community.


Triple Nickel Fabricators will supply fabricated process pipe and supports for projects in refining, petrochemical, plastics, pipeline, power generation, and oil/gas production industries. Our welding procedures qualify us to work with B31.1, B31.3, API 1104, D1.1 working with all types of metals. 

A fabricated pipe and pipe fitting shop welds piping components like pipe, elbows, flanges, reducers, tees, etc. for engineered piping systems to meet the clients design specifications. Pipe is cut to lengths specified in the provided isometric drawing and the desired fittings are installed to the angles of the specifications. The controlled environment of the shop reduces weather delays and helps to reduce the time required to assemble the spools. Shop prefabrication reduces field installation costs and increases quality of products. 

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